This Can Be Done in Garages, Basement, Patios on any Concrete or Hard Surface.Epoxy Flake Floors: This type of epoxy floor contains colored flake materials that are inserted in the epoxy to create a vibrant, multi-hued look. The benefits of our custom epoxy garage flooring, available in over 200 color patterns. Our epoxy garage flooring and concrete floor coating systems come in a wide ... the epoxy garage floor coatings we offer can be installed in as little as a day.The flakes not only offer a seamless look but also provides each surface with subtle grooves to reduce any slips and falls.

Full Broadcast Flake Floor


Garage Floor Flake

Great Results

This is a great example of the kind of service our clients have come to expect from FloorFxMTP. Don't wait till your surface is damaged. This adds value to your home and provides an additional finished area to your home.

With various color choices area take on a whole new look.

Commitment to Quality

This floor has been patched and repaired then an epoxy flake floor was installed.

Basement Floor Coatings

In most Cases This Is a 24 Hour Process

This floor will resist chemical spills and is easily cleaned and looks very good. Most of the products we use have a moisture barrier to prevent moisture. 

We’re the Concrete Floor Refinishing Service for you.


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