This Epoxy 6150 is a voc-compliant, high solids, 2-component epoxy, and designed as a base coat for color flake (chip) flooring. This application can be applied to new and existing concrete. The Epoxy 6150 formula allows a typical floor to be installed within one day and provides excellent adhesion and hide to concrete in a single coat application. Epoxy 6150 withstands up to 9 lbs of Moisture Vapor Emissions. Epoxy 6150 adheres to damp or dry concrete and gives ample open time for broadcasting the color flakes (chips). Using the 6150 RC (Rapid Cure) will allow you to do garages in 1day as the product will cure in 2 hrs. or less.

Epoxy 6150 Kit 2gallon

SKU: 6150-KT-2G-P
  • • Garage floors • Clean rooms • Manufacturing facilities • Automotive showrooms • Commercial kitchens • Grocery Stores• Laboratories • Basements • Kennels • Restrooms • Locker rooms • Aisle ways

  • • Essentially odorless

    • Self-priming over properly prepared substrate

    • Lifetime adhesion warranty

    • VOC Compliant • High color stability

    • Withstands up to 9 lbs of Moisture Vapor Emissions

    • Chemically resistant

    • Can be accelerated to dry in 2 hours

    • Low viscosity


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