This Metallic Epoxy is a three component, high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system. Its epoxy chemistry provides excellent bonding characteristics. Typically applied at a 20-22 mil think single coat (50 - 60 SF/gal). This dynamic blend does not require activator to be sprayed on the surface to obtain a unique and highly decorative look. It was 45 - 60 minutes working time and it has excellent flowability and self-leveling characteristics.

Metallic Epoxy (Clear) Kit 1.5Gallon

SKU: 1045-105
Color: Clear
  • E2U Metallic Epoxy is a uniquely formulated epoxy specifically designed for a metallic pigmented application. Typical areas of application : Showrooms, Garages, Hotel Entryways, Private Hangers, Office Centers, Homes, Restaurants, Retail/Commercial Venues. It's unique characteristics vastly set it apart from other 100% solids epoxies.

  • Essentially odorless

    • Creates dynamic, exotic look

    • Longer working time

    • ZERO VOC

    • High gloss, & color stability

    • Low Viscosity

    • Chemically resistant

    • No amine blush

    • Modified to be highly UV resistant


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