MVB15 is VOC-compliant, two component, 100% solids epoxy system for concrete substrates. MVB15 is a moisture vapor barrier that reduces the permeance of moisture vapor to levels that are acceptable for the application of flooring installation systems and floor coverings. It is compatible with most flooring adhesives and cementitious underlayments, primers and underlayments.

Understanding Moisture Vapor: Often referred to as breathability, vapor permeability describes a material’s ability to allow water vapor to pass through it. Unlike bulk water holdout, which refers to water in its liquid form, vapor permeability concerns water in its gas form.  MVB15 is a VAPOR barrier (gas form) not a WATER barrier (liquid form).

Moisture Vapor Barrier 15 Kit 1.5gal

  • The uniqueness and versatility of E2U Flex Epoxy's chemistry facilitates the applications where there are surface movement, vibrations such as mechanical equipment rooms, large animal rooms and activity centers, wood decks, suspended concrete slabs and exterior aggregate-filled flooring.

    • Crack resistant
    • Elasticity allows substrate movement
    • Self-priming over properly prepared substrate
    • VOC compliant
    • High gloss and high color stability
    • Withstands medium traffic when coated as thin as 12mil
    • Chemically resistant
    • No amine blush


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