This Waterbase Epoxy Kit is a premium quality, 2-component waterbase epoxy sealer/primer that combines epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a waterbase VOC free system. Waterbase Epoxy provides excellent substrate penetration and is a suitable primer for most epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, and polyaspartic polyureas.

Waterbase Epoxy (Clear) Kit 1.25gallon

Color: Clear
  • Waterbased epoxies are used on concrete floors as a sealer, a primer, and optionally as the complete floor coating itself.

    • Easy water clean-up
    • Long pot life (3 hours)
    • Excellent coverage-hide
    • Fast drying (30 mins to 2 hrs)
    • Unsurpassed adhesion
    • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance


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